1. Every time I want to sit down for a big heavy meal, she immediately demands my attention. This technique of hers requires me to eat smaller meals throughout the day.

2. Because she knows that I love her and I want my breastmilk to be nutritionally perfect, these quick meals are made up of lots of raw fruits and veggies that take no preparation and are easy to eat with my bare hands.

3. She demands to nurse all day long, burning up to 500 calories a day. Take THAT, treadmill!

4. She makes herself cuter and more irresistible all the time. Picking up my little bundle to hug her is awesome for building amazing biceps. And because I don’t want to tip her upside down while I hold her, I get in lots of squats as I pick up around the house.

5. As soon as I’ve gotten used to lugging around the extra weight, she decides to grow even bigger! My growing baby constantly challenges my muscles to work harder.

6. She also demands her own seat for my bicycle, a jogger stroller, and a hiking backpack to ride in. She loves the outdoors and needs adult supervision on all her outings.

7. Soon she’ll grow big enough to run around outside and climb things like stairs and monkey bars on her own. My workout will get even more intense as I try to keep up.

People often ask me how I manage to stay fit while raising children, and my response is, “With all the running and chasing and picking up and putting down and hitting the playground and coaching the sports teams, how could I manage to get OUT of shape?!”

Rebekah “Bex” Borucki, founder of BEXLIFE™ and the BLISSED IN™ wellness movement, is a mother of four, TV host, fitness and yoga instructor, popular YouTuber, and backyard farmer raising sixteen gossiping hens and growing her own organic garden on their eight-acre homestead in New Jersey. To learn more about Bex and receive her weekly Bliss notes, visit her website Bexlife.com.