In your car, you have a radio. You don’t have a radio station; you have a radio. Your radio tunes into a radio station that’s broadcasting everywhere throughout the area.

The brain and the mind operate in the same way.

Your brain is like a radio, and the mind is the broadcasting station.

You, in fact, have the opportunity to choose which thought-station to listen to, or if you don’t make the choice, someone else might do this for you. Whatever you are doing in life affects the frequency that your brain is tuned to, and this determines exactly what you’ll receive from the broadcasting mind. The mind has many layers and levels, and in yoga, we call it the universal-mind because it’s broadcasting throughout the universe.

The station you are going to listen to with your brain is being broadcast from this universal mind, and, again, it’s broadcasting everywhere. Your reception will be determined by the frequency you tune your brain to, your nervous system to, your psychology to, and your neurology to. If you want to listen to great and positive thoughts, in other words good programming, if you want to live at a higher frequency, you will have to constantly discipline the frequency of your brain. It is called mindfulness.

When you tune your neurology and your psychology, you receive the thought forms of your choice. When you don’t tune it, then everything else, everyone else, every situation around you determines the thoughts you will listen to. It’s called mindlessness.

The brain is a magnificent organ, and science is only beginning to understand a tiny portion of its functioning. Yogis, for centuries, however, have understood and studied the depths of the human brain and have written about it in many of the Vedic scriptures. One such passage describes the amount of information the human brain processes in the matter of a moment. It goes as follows: The eye can blink in one-seventh of a second; this is called a nimeshra and is the time it takes for the wheel-of-sensation (or thought) to spin 1,000 times. This then means that the wheel of sensation spins 7,000 times per second. The outer rim of this wheel is made up of 1,200 sensations; each sensation is a potential thought.

When you do the math, 7,000 × 1,200, you realize that there are 8.4 million possible sensations (thought-forms) per second available to the human brain.

Why would you ever want to be stuck when you have this many opportunities for change?

How consciously alert and awake you are will determine if you receive the leading edge of these thought-forms or the trailing edge. Trailing edge thought-forms are like table scraps, while leading edge thought-forms are absolutely the most wonderful opportunities possible.

Great and creative ideas come into the brain with these leading edge thought-forms, whereas ideas that everyone else has had, or disposed of, come in with the trailing thought-forms.

If you want to have great ideas, new ideas, intuitive ideas, wake up to discipline and begin fashioning and dreaming your fantastic fantasies. Tune into the highest frequency stations available throughout the universal-mind and use this human brain for those remarkable and miraculous tasks it was created for.

This is you becoming the master teacher that you are; this is you becoming you.

Guru Singh is a world-renowned yoga instructor, author, musician, and family man. Guru Singh works with the Dalai Lama, teaches with Tony Robbins, and has recorded an album with Grammy® Award-winning artist Seal. He can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

*Photo Credit: bennylin0724 via Compfight cc