Hello from NYC! Thanks to so many of you who came to my workshop. I have a perma-grin.

So, this morning I was feeling really good. I mean really good. The sun was shining through the windows, the snow was melting off the branches, I was drinking a good cuppa (coffee, duh), I’d just finished (yet another) episode of Parenthood (thanks, Netflix, you’re killin’ me!) I led a heart-mending and incredible workshop in the city yesterday with sixty women and one incredible guy – a high school senior, and I was basking in how good and satisfied and fulfilled I felt.


I was happy.

Then, bam.

This little voice creeps in.

This won’t last. Don’t trust this. You don’t deserve this. Nothing good lasts. The other shoe is going to drop.

Do you know this voice? It’s a terrible, nasal, high-pitched annoying, and most of all, LYING voice.

It’s a voice of untruths.

I had trauma as a child. My dad died when I was a kid. Out of the blue, one July night. Gone.

Many of you have also had trauma and loss and death and sadness and pain. The thing is, this trauma and loss and sadness and pain does not mean that we are doomed to a life of trauma and loss and sadness and pain.

There will probably be more. Maybe. At some point.

But, right now, can you just enjoy being happy? In this moment? Can you trust that you deserve it? Happiness? Love? Whatever it may be? Right now.

Seriously, I am asking YOU. Yea, you. You, reading this on your phone or computer or iPad or Apple watch 0r whatever. YOU. Do you trust that?

I asked myself that this morning here in New York. I said, “Self, Jen, Jennifer, Jenni.” (I had a lot of coffee so I was a little jacked up as I talked out loud to myself. “Jen, can you trust that you deserve to feel good? Better yet: Can you allow yourself this?

That really is the key isn’t it? Allowing. What are you allowing in? What are you allowing room for? Are you allowing yourself to feel good? Ever? I sure do hope so.

I will. I promise.

For real, stop waiting for the other shoe to drop. You’re not Cinderella.

That voice that tells you don’t deserve to be happy is like those evil step-sisters.

Forget happy endings. Let’s have a happy RIGHT NOW.¬†@JenPastiloff (Click to Tweet!)


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