“It doesn’t look like it’s going to happen,” said my attorney. “I don’t think they are going to rule in our favor.”

I was speechless.

The path had been rocky up until then, but I’d always held onto a glimmer of hope.

This legal decision meant everything to me. It just had to work out.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” he said.

He stood up and walked over to the door. He graciously opened it for me and muttered a barely audible, “I’m sorry.”

I was stunned.

I felt so alone, so utterly hopeless. In my mind, in that moment, bad had trumped good. I felt absolutely empty. Everything felt so pointless.

In my grief, I called a dear friend to come pick me up.

When he arrived, I couldn’t hold back my feelings. I started sobbing again, spilling out everything that had happened.

He stayed calm and certain, and said:

“It’s going to go your way, tomorrow. You’re going to prevail.”

His words made no sense in light of what my attorney had just told me. But my friend was very intuitive, very psychic… and very confident. His words gave me comfort. I decided to try and believe him.

Over the next twenty-four hours, whenever I would start rattling off my anxieties, my friend was consistent — and persistent — in his belief that things would work out.

“How?” I would ask. “The attorney said things look really bad.”

“They will work out,” my friend replied, in his kindest, most reassuring voice. “Just believe.”

What else could I do? There was nothing left to do, except to just… believe.

The next day, I made my case. I spoke with urgency and honesty. I showed my passion and conviction, in the best way that I could.

And then, the biggest surprise of my life happened:

They ruled in my favor.

My friend had been right, all along.

I just needed to believe.

If I had refused to believe, we might not have won.

(In fact, I’m almost certain that we would have lost.)

Not every story has a fairy tale ending, like this one, but even in your darkest hour … there is always a reason to keep hope alive.

Always a reason to believe that — when it comes right down to the wire — you can dig deep inside and pull out the best version of yourself. Speak for yourself. Protect yourself. Defend yourself. Love yourself.

Always a reason to believe in yourself, and to believe in forces that are bigger and more mysterious that yourself.

Just believe. @DrSuzanneGelb (Click to Tweet!)

I’m so glad I didn’t give up.

Because the universe sure didn’t give up on me.


Dr. Suzanne Gelb is a psychologist, life coach and family law attorney who believes that Love is the answer to every question. Her insights on personal growth have been featured on more than 200 radio programs, 100 TV interviews and online at The Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, The Muse, Tiny Buddha, and more. Step into her virtual office at DrSuzanneGelb.com and sign up to receive a soothing meditation and her weekly writings on health, happiness and self-respect. You can also follow her on Twitter and FB.

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Image courtesy of Fre Sonneveld.