What the heck is purpose anyways?

To some, the word lights a fire in their belly because they truly understand what it means to live life with a purpose or calling. Others will cringe at the word… what a silly word, purpose. They doubt that everyone (including themselves) has a purpose or that things really do happen for a reason.

I believe that absolutely everything, including the awful, happens for a reason.

To enlighten us… or those we leave behind.

To force us to change our ways… a catalyst for growth.

To shape us into the people we’re meant to be… so that we can live our purpose.

You really do have a purpose, and it’s simply this:

Be you. Totally and completely. Fully expressed at ALL times.

When you’re just you, living that authentic self FULL OUT, it’s impossible to live a life off purpose. You do the things that you love and are skilled at. You spend time with the people you’re supposed to be with (because those who aren’t supposed to be in your life fall away). You travel to the places that you’re meant to be. And naturally, you begin to pursue your passions.

Ask yourself this:

If you didn’t have to please or worry about anyone else, what would you do? If money was no concern, how would you spend your time? Where would you be? With whom?

Don’t roll your eyes at these questions because you’ve heard them a million times… there’s a reason for that. It’s EYE-OPENING when you take the time to honestly look inside your heart to discover your truth.

Many times this questions is avoided out of FEAR. Fear that the life you have now isn’t the one you really want. Fear that the person you’re with, the friends or the tribe is actually steering you further from your truth. Fear that if you answer honestly, it will mean you have to DO SOMETHING about it.

Humor me… take some time with this question. Sit with it. Feel what bubbles up for you… what visions flash into your mind. Where your wildest fantasies take you. Discovering your truth requires honesty with yourself! And don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you have to throw everything away or start over.

Make an effort to simply know yourself and what you truly desire. @StephenieZ
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At a total loss?

Three simple ways to begin to discover your purpose:

1. Start following your tiny urges.

Do you really want to paint? Play guitar? Try some fancy new recipe? Have you been secretly dying to learn salsa or maybe even take a pole dancing class? Whatever your tiny little urge… indulge it. Take a class, buy the tools and try something that will begin to move you in the direction of what you REALLY want to do.

Nothing is too random, crazy or silly. If you have the urge, follow it! It will lead you into amazing new territory and allow you to get to know yourself on a deep level.

2. Be completely honest, ALL of the time.

Whether it’s with your friends, family or yourself, be totally honest about EVERYTHING. Don’t just agree with what everyone else is saying or doing. Don’t say you’ll do one thing when you really don’t want to or you’d rather do something else. Explore your truth.

Be honest with your words AND your actions… the purchases you make, clothes you chose to wear and things you decide to do. Your actions reflect your truth as strongly as your words. Begin to be honest and express that through everything you do.

Start small, but be confident in who you are and what you believe.

3. Realize you are the ONLY PERSON who knows what’s best.

Input can be phenomenal, but oftentimes we rely too heavily on our friends or family when making decisions. Before we know it, we don’t feel as if we can truly be ourselves because we’re so concerned about the approval of others. Don’t hand your power to someone else.

As much as they love you, these people’s assistance can sometimes hinder your ability to find and follow your purpose. They want only the best for you, and their actions can come from a place of protection… which is not always congruent withtotal support.

If you feel like something is right for you, then you need to trust your intuition!

Stephenie Zamora is the founder of Stephenie Zamora Media, a full-service, life-purpose development, branding, and online marketing boutique. Here she merges the worlds of personal development, branding, and online marketing to help turn passionate individuals into profitable entrepreneurs. With over a decade of experience in design, development, and brand/marketing strategy, she’s currently helping coaches, solopreneuers, and small businesses create their beautifully branded online presence, without breaking the bank, through her highly regarded Jumpstart Website Design Package. Stephenie’s been featured in The Huffington Post, Yahoo Shine, Positively Positive, and Brian Tracy International. Learn more at www.StephenieZamora.com! You can follow her on Twitter & FB.

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