Hey PP tribe. It’s my birthday and I love spending my birthday with YOU. Almost every year I do a post for you guys on my birthday. So, here ya go…

When I worked in the restaurant I always remembered people. And what they the ordered last time they came in. And they were always blown away. Like remembering someone was such a big deal.

You know those people that play it cool? They act like they can’t quite place you? It’s as if they will seem vulnerable if they remember you. Or – heaven forbid THEY remember you and it’s not reciprocated. They will lose the upper hand.

I never worry about that – ever.

Well, it’s the same with things that happen in our lives.

Ever see people who have really big things happen and they try to make it like NO BIG DEAL, yo. I NEVER play it cool like that.

Why? Life is too short to not experience fully and go OH My GOD, THIS IS HAPPENING!! THIS IS A VERY BIG DEAL TO ME.

I guess people are afraid to look vulnerable, silly, uncool.
Not me.



This pic is of me and Lena Dunham onstage in NYC and it was a BFD. Big f*cking deal. She asked me to perform onstage in a talent show so the audience could hear my message. “They need your message,” she said.

Um. I was onstage with Sara Bareilles, Elle King, Bleachers, Kevin Devine, RACHEL ANTONOFF, Fred Armisen & more. That’s a big deal.

It’s an honor.

It’s a beautiful thing and I say celebrate the F out of it without worrying if you seem cool or not.

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When you remember someone – go say hello, dammit! Make yourself vulnerable.



Also, I told my yoga class something yesterday (yes, I do teach occasionally when I am in L.A.) I told them that it felt utterly natural being onstage with them. That’s when you know you’re in it. When you are connected. When you are good at what you do.

Listen to that. Pay attention to that. Celebrate that.

Now – tell me below some of your BFD moments (big f*cking deals) without worrying “But what if nobody else thinks it’s s BFD?” IT DOES NOT MATTER. A BFD could be getting out of bed on a day when you’re so depressed that you wanted to die. I will read each and every comment and celebrate you as if today is your birthday. Because you, my faithful readers, are a BFD to me.

Now, my birthday wish? Please follow me on instagram at @jenpastiloff and when you do make sure to post a note. I love you. (I have also a @girlpoweryouareenough account.) Thank you for spending my bday with me!! If you wnat to spend New Years with me email info@jenniferpastiloff.com asap as it is almost full. xoxo

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Sara Bareilles and me

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