Do you avoid confrontation as a way of being “nice”? Do you hint at what you prefer to your partner or act withdrawn when you’re angry, rather than expressing yourself directly? If you are nodding your head yes then you, my friend, are expressing yourself passive aggressively and this kind of behavior can sabotage your relationships without you even knowing it.

The truth is, being passive aggressive helps no one. When you are the one basically speaking in code with indirect actions and language, your partner doesn’t get the chance to authentically understand your desires and who you really are. This makes it virtually impossible for them to be a part of the solution for you. And if you never confront this behavioral pattern, it can infect all your relationships, not just romantic ones, by being acted out at work, school or in any relationship.

In this Real Love Revolution video, Part 2 of Stop Being Passive Aggressive Series, I cover:

  • What passive aggressive behavior looks like
  • The effects of being passive aggressive
  • Why this behavior strips you of intimacy in relationships
  • How to liberate yourself from being passive aggressive

One of the many negative consequences from passive aggressive behavior includes prolonging a problem. By refusing to tackle something head on, and trying to avoid conflict, you are fueling the continuation of the conflict. And this creates pain for YOU plus everyone else.

Another consequence of this behavior is that you are almost guaranteeing that your needs won’t be met in any relationship. This is because you’re not letting anyone know how you really feel or what you really want. But I promise you, speaking directly and honestly is a skill that you can learn if you’re motivated.

To truly understand how this might be affecting your life and relationships, download the full Effects of Passive Aggressive Behavior Checklist. Get honest with yourself! If you find this is one of the many ways you’re communicating right now, you can unlearn this behavior and liberate yourself. (I’ll guide you!)


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