The Path of Creation Never Did Run Smooth!

An idea comes to you, perhaps in the early hours of the light dawning, it whispers in your ear, stirs your soul, and breathes you awake. You wake up, wide, wide awake, heart banging, it’s 4:44 am and you just have to get this out of your head and down on paper if there is any chance of getting back to sleep.

You get up, you scribble it down, you feel wired, awake and exhausted all at the same time… Congratulations!

You’ve just been chosen (again) you were already chosen you see, chosen to be born – that might not seem a lot but actually, the odds are 1 in 4 trillion, for you to be created, and now you know why you just have to persevere through the four stages of creation. You have something incredibly special inside of you, waiting to be born. But what is it and how on earth can you bring it to life?

The Four Stages of Creation Never Did Run Smooth!

Stage 1. The Thought

The idea launches you into the ether, lifting you up sky high with inspiration – this is when we feel closest to “God”. That Eureka moment so clean, true and pure, life is coursing through your veins, everything feels brighter, clearer, easier, more vibrant… At first, but then we overthink, and overthink until we have done our own head in.

Stage 2. The Emotion: Thoughts cross the line and the emotional high becomes emotional resistance… here’s some I am sure you will relate to:

  1. No time to devote to creating something new.
  2. This is too big for me to cope with.
  3. Who am I to think I can do this?
  4. It will never work, people will think I am mad!

And I am sure that there are plenty more where that came from! It just feels like too much to cope with, so much so that you can easily topple from your sky highness with a heavy thump to the Earth.

It usually then takes the idea a good couple of years of being persistent, going away and coming back again until it finally breaks through (or moves on to someone else).

If you manage to keep on going you will inevitably get to…

Stage 3. The Wand 

Where you finally think “what the heck!” You start creating, and it’s SO exciting seeing it actually start to come to life, WOW!!! And along the way also, the disappointments – but only if you are attached to it happening a certain way. For the truth is, no-one not even the so-called greatest psychic could foretell the path of a creation. You are here to put it in motion, stand back and enjoy witnessing it all unfold. It will never unfold the way you expected to, for it has a life of its own.

The magic is in knowing that the creation is much bigger than we could have ever envisaged and to let it be. Finally, you come to…

Stage 4. The Manifestation

It’s here in your hands, ready to be passed on into others hands all around the world, and all those fears you had, they were unfounded, and all those lives you touch or even change because you worked through those four stages made it all so worth it.

Keep going, birthing is a bitch as they say, but then again, what you have forever after is truly wondrous.

Back on my birthday in 2016 I did a Temezacal (Mexican Sweat Lodge) in the Yucatan Jungle.

The Shaman smudged me, dowsed me, steamed me inside and right out. He took me through the four planes of existence and asked me four soul-searching questions.

A couple of nights later I was visited by The Magician Archetype in Tarot at 4:44 am, he woke me up and whispered into my very being what I was to create next.

He told me that in order to fulfill the burning passion in my veins of The Transformational Truth of Tarot getting out there into the world in a way that helped people to see that they have their own answers and the greatest thing they could do would be to get to know themselves – and each other and work on that connection I had to make it a game!

He showed me the board, he showed me everything, so much so that where other games have needed years of testing because they get easily broken, this never happened. It was a faultless, seamless creation, a  perfect gift from the Gods. But still. It’s taken until now, two years later, to work through stages 1, 2 and 3, and finally, it’s ready to get into stage 4.

I got stuck in the swampy Emotions of The Cups  (the second stage), for a very long time and when I got to the third stage of The Wands, things didn’t happen as I wanted them to, but I moved through this quickly as I was able to recognize that the creation had its own plan and if I didn’t go along with that then I would get stuck again.

And now I am in the fourth stage and it feels amazing!

So here is my quick-fire guide to moving through The 4 Stages of Creation:

  1. The First Stage: Swords/Thought/Air – Write it down, but don’t think about it too much, get it down and move on, I’d like to say bypass the cups but…
  2. The Second Stage: Cups/Emotion/Water – Your emotions will push and pull your idea from every which way unless you can bring out the mother in you, see this as your baby because it is. What would you do to protect its welfare and its life? You have your answer.
  3. The Third Stage: Wands/Action/Fire – Everyday, do a little bit more, and when it doesn’t work out how you envisioned embrace that with an openness and a curiosity – just keep going.
  4. The Fourth Stage: Pentacles/Manifestation/Earth – This is the part where you receive your creation in your hands, resist the temptation to pick holes in it, remember you are its mother and it’s perfect in its imperfection – there will always be some. Pause, and enjoy the wonder of what you have brought to life, and get ready to go through the four stages again! Most of all, remember to have faith in you and all the ideas and magic that run through you.

Wonderfully creative wishes to you…


Tiffany Crosara has won a multitude of Awards for helping people to move forward in their lives, both on and off the TV screen. She is also the Author of the Award Winning The Transformational Truth series. She is passionate about helping people to live their their life with connection, meaning and purpose and is giving away a chance to get started on the journey free, see here for access:


Image courtesy of Andressa Voltolini.