“Just like a single cell, the character of our lives is determined not by our genes but by our responses to the environmental signals that propel life.” ― Bruce H. Lipton

According to quantum physics and developmental biologists, like Bruce Lipton, you adjust your biology according to your perception of your environment. What if your perceptions are not always accurate? If you are not in alignment, meaning that you are out of sync with your own truth, the people around you, and your external environment, your body will adjust to these misperceptions. This physical adjustment to your body can ultimately end up destroying your own biology!

This means, when things are not “good” for you, for example you are sick or you are struggling with your current situation in your relationship, changing your thoughts can change your reality. Just changing your perceptions about your situation can incredibly alter your physical and mental world. According to Bruce Lipton, “We can control our lives by controlling our perceptions… Another (false) assumption is that genes control life. It is actually our perceptions that control our life and by changing our perceptions we can get control over our lives.”

My mentor, Dr. Coletta Long, a pioneer in the field of regression for over 65 years, taught me this same concept in a different way. If we expand on the realization that our reality is designed by our thoughts, than we can begin to recognize that our perception of the people around us, the ones we love and the ones drive us crazy, are also a reflection of our thoughts.

Is it possible that our perceptions or thoughts of others are actually covering the truth of the beauty of that person? If we change the way we think by accepting the guidance of the Universe and releasing our blocked emotions, will our judgment of others and ourselves change as well? Yes!

Through releasing the blocks and illusions in my subconscious mind, I discovered a new path that did not require years of being stuck and suffering. In learning how to identify what my mind said and what my heart wanted, I learned to follow the path of the heart, the path to love.

When we look into a mirror, we see a direct reflection of ourselves. Life will reflect the same. @RobinEmmerich (Click to Tweet!)

In learning to use the mirror of life—looking directly at people, places, and things in front of us and then turning that experience back onto ourselves, we can uncover the truth of our heart. The voice of the heart sets change into motion.

“This process of reflecting your thoughts back on to your own life, you will discover some hard truths about yourself and your own judgments on your performance.”

Your motivations, values, and beliefs are reflected back to you through every interaction and relationship you have with others. These interactions can be seen as “good” or “bad,” but the truth is that they all shine a light on your inner being.

Each person you encounter is here to teach you something, just as you are teaching others. Part of that lesson is learning more about yourself as well as developing compassion for others. It is a powerful lesson; acknowledging your feelings attached to these judgments.

To tap into your inner truth, you can to begin practicing holding the mirror up to yourself and recognizing your reflection in others. You can do this by visualizing situations in your life in front of you, knowing that it is there for you, and ask yourself, “Is this situation a direct reflection of who I am?” Or, “Is this situation the opposite of who I am?” We learn and grow through contrast. If you find that it is the opposite of who you are, you can (silently) “thank” that situation for showing you the truth and then take action with your new knowledge and truth in perception.

Knowing this, imagine the beauty and love you can give and receive to yourself and the people in your life. How can you re-design your life from the truth in your heart? Let’s get the conversation started and share in the comments below.

Robin Emmerich has spent close to a decade coaching some of the most successful women in business. Even with their considerable success, the common denominator is that as much as they seemed to be cruising through life on the outside, they were melting on the inside. It’s why Robin just launched Beauty and the Mess—an athleisure brand creating a sisterhood who understands that life is messy and difficult and challenging, but together, can find the strength to prioritize passion over perfection and fearlessly seek beauty in their everyday lives. She currently offers the CIJourney online course, based on the famed Stanford Masters Degree Course, ‘Creativity in Business,’ individual coaching and worldwide retreats. Connect with Robin at robinemmerich.com on Instagram, or beautyandthemess.com.