I am going to start with transcending one of the most repeated lies and that is that you can figure your purpose out.

No, you can’t. Period.

I have suffered over this “advice” for long enough to be able to see clearly now that it simply is not true. You can only know your purpose and if this knowing is real, it won´t come from your mind or you analyzing it. It is going to come in a form of gentle love that is going to feel like happiness, like being connected to who you really are, and like finally coming home. All of these feelings are going to emanate from the center of your being, which I tend to call your heart.

If you haven’t felt these feelings before or you have felt them while doing things you think have nothing to do with your purpose or while not doing anything at all, just keep reading on with an open mind. Maybe the purpose you have been looking for isn´t what you supposed it should be.

I have this suspicion that we don´t have to find our purpose at all, but that our purpose is going to find us.

1. Be wherever you are with all your heart

Half-hearted living is the cause of our disconnection and confusion. Wishing to be someplace else is what is keeping us from receiving the guidance now and now and now and… I think you know where I am going with this one.

I, myself, am having a hard time with realizing that wherever I am, there is a field of infinite possibilities surrounding me and that the outer circumstances are the effects of my inner state of being.

Your purpose is to be connected to your heart and, thus, to express your real Self no matter where you are or what you do.

There is no place holier than the one you are in right now, because it is your presence that makes every place blessed.

However, wholeheartedness has to be practiced, because it goes against everything that the world has been teaching us so far. It is a way of living our life from an inner state when our mind is connected to our heart and we are functioning as a whole. We are no longer being torn between what our heart calls us to do and what our mind is telling us we should be doing instead. 

Living from our heart, even though it is the most natural way of being, has to be practiced, because it represents all that is in opposition to the values of the world.

Once you embark on this journey, remember that love will never force you to do anything; it is always here for you and you just need to lay down everything that gets in the way of receiving her gifts.

Let’s practice together – for a week only – to be fully present and available for every situation and every person that comes our way.

Let´s treat them as a gift from life to us and as if we were born to meet every single one of them and experience everything we are about to experience. Let’s treat this week as if it was impossible for mistakes to happen in our life and as if we were right where we are supposed to be.

Let’s allow for our purpose to come with every human being and with every situation and every relationship.

And let’s see what happens.

2. Your path is yours only

If you want to stay on the track of your inner wisdom and knowing you will have to make peace with the fact that majority of the people you know won’t get what your path is about.

And you also have to make peace with the fact that you don’t need anyone else´s acknowledgment except the one you feel in your heart.

That one is the most important.

You don’t have to tell everyone and sometimes – most of the time – when you feel that the ideas that are being born inside of you are too fragile to survive the criticism of the others, you better tell no one, because you can be sure that your own insecurities are going to come back to you in the form of the words your closest ones are going to speak to you.

So let your purpose be something that is only between you and God, at least for a little while, until you become more accustomed to acting on your inner knowing.

This means that you have to stop comparing your path to everyone else’s path.

No one person is special. We are all equally worthy and equally loved and we are not lacking anything that would keep us from realizing who we are here in this time and space.

However, we are all unique expressions of divine love. That makes us all beautiful colors in the painting of love. This painting wouldn’t be finished even if only one color was missing and the form which the color is going to embody on the canvas depends on the artist not the color itself.

So just shine your light brightly and trust that when the painting is finished you will see the beauty in the brush strokes and you will understand their positioning in the painting as a whole.

This week we are also going to practice staying on our path and not judging or condemning it.

So, let’s live this week as if we had a right to be who we are in our hearts and let’s allow everyone else to claim this right as well. And for the following week only, let’s share our hopes and dreams and heart’s vision with the God of our understanding and with no one else.

And let´s see what happens.

3. You don’t have to overcome fear, instead allow the joy to flow through you and let the fear disappear

If there is something you would like to learn or that you would love to do, but you are afraid of failing, try to do it in such a way that you won´t give your fears a chance to talk you out of it.

For instance, if you would like to teach a yoga class, you don’t have to rent a whole yoga studio, but instead call few friends and organize a free class in your living room.

If you would like to be a painter, you don’t have to quit your current job all of a sudden and try to live off your artwork. Just go and paint during every free minute you have for yourself.

When you do something for the joy of doing it, you won´t mind that it may take you a whole year to finish your first painting, it will be still worth it.

The truth is that when you do something, just because it makes your heart sing, you don’t need a validation and you don’t need anything in return.

You do it because that is who you are and not doing it would feel like you are stealing something from the world, but most importantly that you are stealing from yourself by not allowing the universe to express itself through the unique perspective that was given only to you.

When you will feel like this one day and it can happen while you are vacuuming the floor, decorating your house, writing a book, raising your child or working on an excel sheet, you will have most likely found your purpose. Maybe the one and only for the rest of your life or maybe just one out of many.

That is not important at all.

What is important is that you are feeling alive, joyful and in love with who you are and with what you do. Form is important only for the mind; your heart is satisfied with serving love in whatever form it wishes to be expressed.

The third and last practice for this week is to make space for joy, even if for only a few minutes every day and let´s also practice not feeling guilty about it.

Let´s practice how it feels to do things that makes us joyful and let’s live as if we didn’t have to listen to the fear at all.

Let´s do small things that allow us to receive great joy.

And let´s see what happens.

With my final words I would like to liberate you once and for all from giving yourself hard time for being happy. In order to receive your purpose you have to stop feeling guilty every time you experience feelings of joy, love and happiness.

We are constantly hearing this pervasive lie that in order to achieve something worthwhile we have to suffer in the process of getting it and that once we have finally achieved it, we must have stolen it from someone else.

You are yourself when you are experiencing joy and love and lightness of being.

There is no way you can be selfish and in love with life at the same time. There is no way you can be joyful and deprive someone else of their right to joy.

You are at your best when you are you, when you are happy and when you are in love with your Self.

It is when you allow yourself to let the love flow from your being towards whatever you do and towards whomever you come in contact with, that you are at your best.

So as you go on with your day remember that you are not depriving anyone of anything by being happy, loving what you do and not suffering while doing it.

Being in your purpose is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and others. And you can be in your purpose only by being yourself. – Eva Stechova (Click to Tweet!)

I am grateful for you and everything you are being in this world.

Eva Stechova created her blog AMIRACLEWORKBOOK to share inspiration, upliftment and meaningful content. She believes that by intentionally choosing to be who we truly are in our hearts – kind and loving beings – we can create the lives we have always wanted to live. She shares her content on Pinterest and Instagram as well.




Image courtesy of kevin laminto.