Why do so many of us smart women sabotage ourselves when it comes to relationships?

And as a result sacrifice what we need, or sacrifice or dreams and desires.

Or settle for less in our partnerships and friendships? Or put up with non-respectful and relationships with our relatives or at work?

How can we be good at our jobs and rock our careers, yet struggle in the realm of love and the heart?

And how do we find the wisdom to create the strong, beautiful, supportive partnerships, friendships, family, community that we not only desire but that we actually NEED to have the impact we desire and be supported and cared for and sustained.

Women have not been given the truth nor the wisdom needed to create the supportive relationships we need to thrive.

Over my life and my work with amazing, strong, good hearted women, I noticed that we have been sold a bill of goods about love and relationship that is just plain WRONG.

What we are taught to expect, how we see ourselves and others, how we show up in them, what healthy relationships look like is in so many ways warped and distorted, not powerful and wise.

The cost of this is huge.

Your relationships can either be the wind beneath your wings that support you to soar, or the chains around your heart that keep you from your dreams, desires and deep human need to feel loved, safe and cared for. @ChristineArylo (Click to Tweet!)

As leaders in our work, families, communities and world, we have to ask ourselves:

If we as grown women do not know how to cultivate healthy relationships that support us to thrive, how can we expect the children we raise or the young people we influence to grow strong on the inside to have only respectful relationships?

In 2009, I wrote my first book, Choosing ME Before WE, because I just could not watch another woman suffer in her relationships.

In 2015 I started the Path of Self Love School to teach women and girls and now men and boys the wisdom I never got growing up but that we all need. And the tools to understand how to work with my own heart so all my relationships could support me to soar.

This month, I felt inspired to create a 4 part Feminine Power Time for you on LOVE and Relationships.

We can not have the impact we desire in our work, family and community, nor sustain ourselves if we don’t have a diverse and deep circle of relationships that support us. And we cannot afford to distract or drain ourselves in unhealthy relationships in any part of our lives.

The ones to come will include guests to take us deeper into different realms of love and relationship – your LOVE LIFE includes much more than ‘romantic relationships’.

For today, I invite you to tune in as we dive deeper into:

  • Three big misunderstandings about love that lead to suffering and sacrificing ourselves in relationship
  • Three big wisdom bytes to right those misunderstandings that will affect all of your relationships
  • Why working harder, giving more and making it work are bad choices for your relationships
  • How wounds – love cracks-from our young life show up in our adult work life
  • Why our hearts hurt so bad when a relationship ends – it’s not what you think
  • How to tell if the person you love is really able to grow with you
  • How to tell if your overstaying in a relationship that needs to expire
  • Signs that you are sacrificing yourself or your dreams in your relationship


  • I will share my personal story about relationships and how it became my catalyst and saved me from creating a life and career that wasn’t what I really wanted.
  • I’ll do a short reading from Choosing ME Before WE that rocked my world and opened the door to self forgiveness for my relationship choices.
  • We’ll stop and reflect on how these misunderstandings are showing up in your life or in those you love.

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Christine Arylo, MBA, is a women’s leadership advisor, transformational teacher and best selling author who works with women to make shift happen – in the lives they lead, the work they do, and the impact they desire to make.  Marrying 20 years of business experience with 15 years of feminine & yogic wisdom training, Arylo illuminates how to lead and live a different way, the “feminine way” – professionally successful, internally empowered, and personally sustainable and satisfying. A powerful mentor and teacher known for her ability to translate deep wisdom into practical super powers, her programs on intuition, feminine power, and cultivating resilience, self-love and courage have reached over 35,000 students worldwide. She’s committed to working with emerging and established women leaders to awaken their full power and presence to lead the world and those they love and lead to more a more sustainable, compassionate and equitable world for all.  Arylo is known for her powerful and real presence that inspires personal and social transformation. And for her stand for sisterhood and what is possible when women come together, drop their masks, speak from their hearts and truly support each other. Christine currently lives on an island off the coast of Seattle, where she is working on her fourth book: “Overwhelmed and Over It: Why It’s Not Your Fault and How to Find the Power To Change It.”  Learn more about Christine at www.ChristineArylo.com and learn more about her Feminine Power Time Podcast at www.FemininePowerPodcast.com.


Image courtesy of Analise Benevides.