A series of events including a car break-in, car accident, and attempted break in to my home is what set me on a journey of transformation. At the time, I had worked my way up the corporate ladder and had started asking the question to myself, “Is there more?” My entire life I thought that was the path that I was supposed to follow and although I wasn’t unhappy, I was not fulfilled.

So you could say that maybe it was asking that question that created the series of events to wake me up and seek out the change that I desired. Either way, what I know now is that it doesn’t have to take an event to transform your life. You can recreate your life at any moment.

I have no prior art experience and through using my training in helping people achieve an altered state of consciousness, I now apply that same technique in art. The incredible thing is that I have now found a way to teach a simple way for anyone to paint. Yes, that’s right! You can explore your creativity and life transformation through art. You really can do it!

Episode two is all about SHOWING UP! Believe me, as a perfectionist (and yes, I still use the word perfectionist). I still find myself trying to be perfect at times at I am ok with that! Often people use the term “recovering” perfectionist which I find feels as if you should be something other than you’re not.

When we practice showing up, we can begin to see that we really are perfect just as we are. In essence, showing up is the key to momentum, innovation and happiness. @RobinEmmerich (Click to Tweet!)

Watch the video below to explore what it means for you and I would love to hear your comments below on what you discover!

Robin Emmerich has spent close to a decade coaching some of the most successful women in business. Even with their considerable success, the common denominator is that as much as they seemed to be cruising through life on the outside, they were melting on the inside. It’s why Robin just launched Beauty and the Mess—an athleisure brand creating a sisterhood who understands that life is messy and difficult and challenging, but together, can find the strength to prioritize passion over perfection and fearlessly seek beauty in their everyday lives. She currently offers the CIJourney online course, based on the famed Stanford Masters Degree Course, ‘Creativity in Business,’ individual coaching and worldwide retreats. Connect with Robin at robinemmerich.com on Instagram, or beautyandthemess.com.