Just like everyone poops, everybody lies. But where’s that kids’ book? The problem is that most of us aren’t even conscious of our lying or the negative impact it has on our life, relationships, and missions. If we can’t be trusted ourselves to tell the whole truth and nothing but, how can we believe what anyone else is telling us.

We can’t.

We’re practically born liars. The minute we figured out how to talk, didn’t we figure out how to lie? Whether it was to get out of trouble, or get another cookie from Dad when Mom already said no.

The world is full of liars, and it’s time someone admitted it, shed a light on it, and lightened up about it. At the moment, no one really talks about lying. It’s practically taboo. There’s no section in the library or bookstore about it. Laurie Gerber looked.

Yet, it’s pervasive.

Obviously, lying isn’t something any of us are particularly proud of. It’s why we hide it in the first place. And not only do we hide it, we spend an inordinate amount of time trying to justify it, defend it, and or blame it on anything else but our own sneaky and cowardly selves.

But don’t you fret.  You are not alone. Birds lie too. See for yourself. And not only see it for yourself, learn why the age-old saying “the truth shall set you free” IS age old for good reason.

Laurie Gerber joined the TEDxFlatbush stage to discuss the benefits of a Secret Free Diet.


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Laurie Gerber is a Senior Coach and Co-President of Handel Group® Life Coaching. For over 15 years, Laurie has led international events and private coaching courses. She has appeared on MTV’s True Life, A&E’s The Marriage Test, Dr. Phil and TODAY.

Image courtesy of Kristina Flour.