Everyone wants to believe in themselves. Everyone wants to feel empowered by the thought that you are good enough and you can do anything you want to do. There are moments when having a friend or family member to support you is what you need, but doesn’t always happen. Especially when you go through difficult moments and no one believes in you, you might feel defeated, overwhelmed, and demotivated. Because no one believes in you, how could you do this yourself? How could you find that faith in yourself? How could you trust your powers to accomplish your goals?

When there is no one for you, no one believing that you can do what you want to do and achieve your goals, it is way more difficult to do it yourself. As humans, we are all searching for love. We are all looking for ways to pursue our dreams, but we also want to fit in, have friends, and family to support us. When this is not possible, you need to find ways to believe in yourself when nobody else does. Here are some steps you can take towards a happier and more motivated you.

Focus on Your Strengths

Believing in yourself when nobody else does can be difficult. This is because people often worry about what others think about themselves. If the ones closest to you do not believe in you, this can put a toll on your plans and self-trust. People who believe in themselves are more focused on their plans, goals, and dreams. They do not let themselves be distracted or affected by what others say because they know they can do it. They know they have everything they need to pursue their dreams and if not, they confide in their ability to adapt to changes.

So, what can you do to not let yourself be defeated by others’ opinions and start believing in yourself more? You can focus on your strengths. By finding your strengths, being aware of them, and focusing on them, you fuel yourself with motivation and trust. You will focus more on what you can do to achieve your dreams and goals. At the same time, this will raise your self-awareness and you could work on turning your weaknesses into strengths.

Stop Comparisons

Comparing yourself with others can be rooted in how your parents raised you or the environment you grew up in. However, comparisons are not healthy at all. Even though some could be motivated by the fact that others have done better than them, it is not helpful at all for the great majority of people. When you start comparing yourself with others, their success and positive things will make you find your negative things and failures.

It is important to be aware that each human is unique and it comes with a unique set of abilities. Even though others could be better than you at something, you surely overpass them in other subjects or activities. People are not perfect, nor will they be. Look at others’ success to be inspired from their stories, not to highlight your negative parts.

Focus on Yourself, Not on Them

When nobody believes in you, it is easy to focus on their opinion. And the natural action you might want to take is to prove them wrong. To work on achieving success just to show them that they have made a mistake not believing in you. But this is about you, not other people or their opinions. At this point, you need to focus on yourself, not on them.

It is your happiness, wellness, and development that matter the most. It is not about what makes others happy or satisfied with the result, it is about what makes you happy. Focusing too much on what others say can feel like a burden. Because you do not do something for yourself, you do it for them. Focus on your inner world, on your own universe, and do things as you like. Stop trying to please others or to prove them wrong. Start pleasing yourself.

Identify Your Values and Motivators

Everyone has dreams and this is completely normal and natural. However, some of these dreams remain like this because people do not take action to make them real. Becoming aware of your values is essential, as all actions will revolve around them. When you do something that overlaps with your values, you will feel satisfied and happier.

It is therefore important to take a look at yourself and your inner world and discover more things about your person. What do you love doing? What is that reason that motivates you to go further? Why are you doing this? If you already know your values and motivators, the answers to why are you doing this, finding the means to do it will not be a problem. How you accomplish your dreams is just a tiny detail as long as you believe in yourself and know your values.

Celebrate Progress

When nobody believes in you, it is difficult to do it yourself. You may not find any reason why you should do this, which makes you drown in a pool of negativity. Well, it is important to take a look at your habits and daily progress. Change your focus from the things you have not achieved to the ones you have achieved.

Even though there are small changes and tasks, you are progressing daily. And this should be celebrated. Because even though nobody believes in you, you are still taking small steps towards a better you and a better future. People are usually waiting for the end to celebrate what they have managed to achieve, but celebrating daily progress can be a new habit that will help you trust yourself more.

Ending Note

When nobody believes in you, it is difficult to find the reason to do it yourself. Especially when your friends and family are always doing this. Well, this comes with negative feelings and emotions, but it is important to change your perspective on them.

Life is not only made of positive feelings and emotions, so learning how to cope with the negative ones is essential. Not having self-confidence is one of these things. You can fuel yourself with the energy you need just by focusing on your strengths and analyzing your weaknesses. Celebrate daily progress, identify your values, and stop comparing yourself with others.

Joe McLean is a guitarist, music producer and sometimes helps as the consultant at the best writing services, like A-writer.com, and helped countless musicians and students to understand the theory of music better. When he’s not helping Paperwritingpro and advising musicians, Joe likes to cook Middle Eastern dishes, study programming and go hiking during weekends.





Image courtesy of Anna Rye.