In the spirit of continuing our amazing, epic gratitude list, let’s do it again! This year, however, there’s a twist: to honor the challenges and problems in your life and be grateful for them just as much as you are for the good stuff.

It’s easy to be grateful for all the good in your life, but it’s hard to look at challenges and be grateful for those as well. For example, I’ve spent countless holidays in the hospital, which sucks but has opened possibilities for me. I’ve had tons of awesome holiday hospital parties and made videos for other kids in the hospital on how they can throw fantastic holiday parties too. That wouldn’t have happened if I weren’t in the hospital. On top of it all, it’s made me realize how grateful I am when I am NOT in the hospital on a holiday!

Gratitude isn’t just about being grateful for good stuff, but realizing how important the good stuff is and what it means. And you can’t understand how much it means until you don’t have it.

So this Thanksgiving, on top of your epic gratitude list of all that’s right, I want you to find one or two challenges you faced this year that have opened possibilities and which you can be grateful for in some way.

That is the true challenge and gift: To look at problems and be grateful.

If you can do that, then you can be happy and grateful in any situation—very powerful!

Then, when you are all gathered around the table, take a couple minutes to go around and have everyone name at least three things for which you are grateful. It can be simple, like ice cream sundaes, or deep, meaningful epiphanies or things you’ve learned or things that make you happy. Honor it all.

You can do this on Thanksgiving without being considered a crazy Polyanna person 🙂

Be grateful for your life, for being alive and being able to experience challenges.

It’s rare to be a role model and sought-after speaker at the tender age of 15. It’s rare to have a life-altering condition like Cystic Fibrosis and be known for your bubbly personality. In fact, everything about Claire Wineland is rare. She has had more surgeries and hospitalizations than she can count and has survived a 17-day coma, yet through all of her many challenges, she continues to spread joy and help kids and adults alike to find their purpose.

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