by Giselle Fernandez

One of my great passions in life is seeking out women who live out loud—the brave and daring dames who connect deep to their yearning and purpose, shunning paychecks and predictability, courageously leaping into the abyss to make their dreams reality.

I seek them out perhaps because it is my great longing to be among them.

My initial thought that they all just woke up one day—self-realized, and fully awake to who they are. But I have discovered that it doesn’t just happen. It is a journey of the soul. It is a series of experiences, waves, and roadways traveled. Until one gets to a point where the old ways just aren’t working anymore. It’s like a light switched on inside that can’t be turned off. A light that’s bright and powerful, like a jolt of lightning, that this is your one life—your  blessed, precious shot to live and do exactly as you believe, feel, and make real, each precious day.

So many of us put off, silence, ignore, or rationalize that voice, forever calling us to be less “human doings” and more “human beings.”

These extraordinary women, when I find them, invite us all to ask ourselves, “Are we being exactly who we are born to be?” and “Are we doing exactly what our being is born to do?”

Across the globe, I have encountered numerous such phenoms that have awakened to their highest path—their “True North,” exemplifying that acting on a dream not only becomes a sense of fulfilled destiny, but almost always involves profound work that invariably makes the world a better place.

I know myself how difficult it is to detach from fears and habits that bind us—despite their stagnant waters. I know the allure of the possible, and the closeness of a dream. I also know the the fragility of commitment that draws one to the edge of the cliff, ready to jump—then pulls you back not to dare once more. But no matter how many times I’ve retreated from the mighty calling, no matter the sense of resignation—that, Will I ever be bold enough to jump? or should I just make peace with what-is and just settle?—there is always a voice whispering my name, smiling from within, a knowing that just will not go away. Like so many of you, I know I was born to change the world—in my own way, in this life, with my unique gifts. I just don’t know when that “one day” will be. But my dream is to do it with my eyes wide open, just as the inspiring women mavericks across the globe that have inspired me. They invite a spirit of urgency to get on track, on purpose, to live our lives out loud.

I’d like to introduce you to one of these daring dames. I came across her in Nairobi this past summer. Her name is Martine Kappel. She left all behind to follow a dream—she changed her life to change minds, with an eye ever toward changing the world. She’s a “WOW”—a Woman Of Wonder—and if you’re like me, she’ll make you wonder just how you might change your life to change the world. If she does, please let me know, as your courage will bolster mine, and ignite a wave of radical awakening.

For more on Martine Kappel and True North please visit her website or Facebook.

Giselle Fernandez is a five-time Emmy® Award-winning journalist, producer, filmmaker, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

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