One of my themes for 2015 it to express myself authentically and fully.

I had this deep urge within me to feel safe enough to be and own myself. I felt I needed to expand. Expansion hurts though. So while I simultaneously felt myself having the desire to speak up more, be honest with myself and others about my true feelings and needs, I also felt myself fearful to break free and speak up. I found myself clinging to the old and familiar.

It’s scary to open new doors. We fear the unknown and yet only when we dare to go to unknown places will we truly grow and transform.

The problem is once you get in touch with your soul voice – she won’t leave you alone. Your soul voice is there encouraging you to follow your deep inner wisdom – and she is not concerned with playing safe. She is only concerned with you playing big and being boldly YOU.

So I hear her, my soul, speaking loud and telling me to dare to speak my truth. I felt my poetic side craving to come forth more and I was scared to be vulnerable enough to share. So I played small. But when you play small, you stifle your soul’s vibrance, you stifle your spirit, you dim your light.

And it is our responsibility to shine not only for ourselves but for each other. It is our light that lights up the world, as my man Rumi says.

So let’s light up the world with our authentic truth. @CosmicChristine (Click to Tweet!)

I am committed to sharing my deeper side with you all!

How can you share and be more authentically you? Share with me. I want  to know! Leave it in the comments below.

In the meantime, keep sharing and being holding you. Miracles flow the more we dare to be who we truly be.

Sending Soul Love,

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Image courtesy of Michelle Catania.