In honor of fierce females everywhere. These are for you:

1) Know your worth. Know every drop of the wonder that you are. Don’t discard the parts that are tainted and broken. They count. Own them.

2) State your purpose. Stake your claim. Hold your voice steady as you tell the world your magnificence. Don’t play down your achievements. The arena is yours.

3) Wear your hair wild sometimes. Untamed. Let the breeze come and play with the strands that tempt it.

4) Dive into your power. You don’t need to take steps. Just go ahead and plunge right in. Don’t let fear keep you prisoner. Because f*ck fear, that’s why.

5) Empower others. Be the beacon. Shine your light and blaze your own trail. Then look for the sister that’s struggling and help her find her feet. She’ll gain her strength and then she can help the next sister.

6) Rock your own look. Find your own style. Don’t be managed by the media. Let it clash. Let it mismatch. Let it be soft, loud, bright, slouchy or shiny. Let it be whatever you want, just let it be you.

7) Don’t dilute your dreams. Keep your passion concentrated and strong. Find the thing that stirs your soul and follow it through to the glory that awaits. It doesn’t have to be measured in likes, shares and comments.

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8) Read the books that speak to your heart and inspire your mind. They don’t have to be on any bestseller lists. You alone get to choose the words you feed your soul.

9) Be bold. Be brazen. The world won’t give you permission to set it alight. Only you can be the spark. Erase the words ‘should’ and ‘but’ from your vocabulary. Replace them with ‘I can’ and ‘I am’. Determine what you want and then manifest your own reality.

10) Forgive. When you hold onto a grudge you use both hands. That leaves no fingers free to catch the new joy that wants to flow your way. Forgive yourself, too. Always.

11) Use every grief, loss, hurt and ache you’ve ever felt as fuel to drive you forward. Feel it first, let it bring the message it holds and then find a way to take the brokenness and make it whole again. It will hurt and that’s ok. You can do it. You’ve got this.

12) Trust the voice within. Don’t walk along paths that drag your feet down. They’re not for you. Find the path that’s right or make your own tracks. Better still, fly. Take your wings and soar high.

13) Find your fighting song. The tune that you can let flood your ears on the days that staying strong feels too tough. Listen to it and let it lift you higher when you need a reminder of how to get your groove back.

14) Don’t hide your vulnerability. Part of empowerment is giving yourself permission to be seen exactly as you are. Your weaknesses can also be your strengths. Throw light onto the darkness and see your fears for what they truly are. They are seldom as frightening when illuminated.

15) Celebrate who you are without omitting your flaws. Your quirks just add to your color. Don’t dim your light for anyone else’s sensitive eyes. Walk tall and hold your head high. Wild hair and all. You’re a beautiful badass. Make them remember your name.

Bonus mantra: Know that the greatest goddess was once the wounded woman. She has known pain and through it she has found strength. Just like you can. Take all your battle scars and wear them with pride. You’re a survivor.

Skylar Liberty Rose is a big believer in the healing power of creativity and the freedom found in living your truth. She is a writer, blogger and street photographer and believes in manifesting dreams through action and visualisation. Skylar is an advocate of stripping away layers of conditioning and instead discovering the person you are truly meant to be. She is inspired by souls with spirit and courageous hearts. Skylar grew up in London, and now lives with her husband in New York City. You can follow her on TwitterFB, and her blog.

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Image courtesy of Benjamin Lehman.