So I have to tell you something…

You are great!

You have been “great” since your very beginning. You were created that way.

And with the right conditions, the right parenting, some people “get” that they are “great” early on. They go on to create wonderful things in the world, give back in amazing ways and live spectacular lives.

And for others, it takes longer.

But “greatness” is what we are, whether or not we realize it. The question isn’t “if” you can become great, the question is how long will it take you to discover your own innate greatness?

And yes, many never do.

Yet, the minute you wake up and realize how awesome, amazing, bright, creative, cuddly, delicious, gorgeous, powerful and beautiful you are, the world begins to respond to you differently.

The moment you step up and step in to your greatness – the moment you embrace it and walk into a room or into a conversation from that place of your own power – believing in yourself and in your own ability to help, share, teach and lead –  then people respond to that truth!

I’m not joking. It’s Instantaneous!

Because it’s true.

You are GREAT. Greatness is what you are, so wake up and start behaving that way!

The world will never hand your greatness to you. It is an awareness that you were either lucky enough to have cultivated within you when you were young, or you must discover it later on your own.

(Both are equally valid; neither is better or worse.)

Many people spend their whole lives waiting for someone to believe in them – to give them permission to believe in themselves.

Well, today’s the day my beautiful one because:

You are absolutely incredible!

You are so so so soooooooo great! Really, and I’m giving you full permission to step into that NOW.

Right now! And I hope this makes you cry, because I’m crying right now.

I’m crying because the whole world has been missing out because you have been playing small. You’ve been holding yourself back from what you are truly capable of.

And here’s the other piece:

Your greatness isn’t about YOU – it’s about all of us. The world need your greatness.
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So get into it!

Just go start believing it. Try your greatness on like an expensive suit. Treat it with care. Respect it, and watch how people respond to you differently when you’re “wearing it”.

Go. Start behaving like you are awesome, special, talented, beautiful and great – and watch! Your world will change overnight.

Because GREATNESS is WHAT you ARE.

I love you.


David Bederman is a coach who helps successful men and women make a greater impact and find more fulfillment in life. He is an expert in the science and patterns of personality and brings a unique blend of life-wisdom and a grounding in ancient, spiritual wisdom to his work. In his previous life, David lived on a sailboat, traveled the world as a SCUBA instructor and trained with a master Kabbalist in the Old City of Jerusalem. You can connect with David and subscribe to his weekly newsletter via his website at