Life has its moments that trip us up, literally and figuratively. Do you remember the last time you fell? That accident you had? The boulder that life tossed in your way and ended forward movement as you had known it?

Life lessons—they happen all the time, don’t they? I consider life lessons to be those situations that demand some kind of change in my perspective. You know what I mean. The ones that call for patience, workarounds, change in direction and even surrender.

The key to actually learning the lesson is inner inquiry.

Roadblocks and Repeats

Retrospection is a great tool for understanding those lessons in hindsight. But sometimes that’s years down the road. And it’s usually too little or too late. Life situations repeat themselves. Or a roadblock appears out of nowhere. That’s when you know it’s time to embark on a mission of “inner research”.

The occasion calls for putting on your Sherlock Holmes deerstalker cap. Your mission is to ferret out the hidden messages in the circumstances. You’re looking for the messages that will allow you to recenter in your own truth.

You want to move forward with dignity and grace. Yes?

Not long ago I fell three times in one month. While there was no lasting damage, I was left bruised and shaken. There was something so innocuous about the way it happened each time. It was as if I had been simply swept off my feet, pushed by an invisible hand. Each time I put it down to a simple bit of clumsiness.

Yet after the third time, I knew there was more to discover.

Of course, a fall gets my attention. It is a physical action, shocking my system. I am stopped in my tracks.

What is true is that with an accident of any kind, there is an internal demand. Life is shouting at me.I need to pay attention, to look at what I am doing and how I am thinking.

My lessons had to do with letting go of situations that were outdated. I had been settling for a too-small picture of my life, cutting myself off at the knees. So to speak. Or literally.

Stop, Look and Listen

You want to know what lies hidden behind that door? Inner research is the key to the lock.

So, how do you do it?

Do you remember how you learned to cross the street? To stop, look and listen? This is the same.

The only way to determine what you need is to stop, relax, breathe and ask questions. To listen inside.

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Do your own inner research to uncover the message. Once you understand the message, you will feel yourself back in the flow.

You Are Far More

Begin by clearing space for yourself. Find a quiet space where you can focus inwards without external distractions. Close your computer. Turn off your phone.

Next work with your internal distractions. Taking a few deep breaths, set aside thoughts of concern, doubt, fear or worry. If it feels difficult to settle your thoughts, take a short walk to get your energy moving in a different way. Movement helps get you unstuck.

Remind yourself that you are far bigger than any limiting thought. Turn up the volume on your curiosity. Remember that you are curious to know more about the situation at hand. And that you are open to receive this new understanding.

You are after the bigger truth, not the self-critical one. Are the shadows of self-doubt or self-judgment creeping in? Then pull out your megawatt flashlight. You are looking for the jewel that glows in the darkness.

Inner Research Questions

Ask yourself…

What do I need to know about what has happened?

Look at the areas of your life where things are not flowing. Is there something that needs to change?

What are the stumbling blocks right now in my life?

Am I distracted by an outdated focus?

What needs to shift so that I can reconnect with the flow?

Have I overridden an awareness I had?  

What do I need in this time? 

Is there something I need to put into place to support a new way of doing things? 

The Bubbling Fountain

Give yourself time and space for answers to come to you. They may not come immediately. Let responses bubble up. Don’t censor yourself. Don’t judge what you uncover. Allow yourself to receive the wisdom that your inner self wants to share with you.

You know when you are on the right path. A change in direction appears. A perspective shift is called forth.

Life provides messages. It is up to you to pay attention to them. Ask the questions. Then discover your next steps. You may even find yourself feeling grateful for that “accident.” And for the guidance of the lesson that has connected you with your bigger truth.

I’ve stepped up to play on a bigger stage now. Lesson learned. That one, at least.

How about you? What lessons have you been learning?

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