“Never underestimate the healing power of singing really loudly in a car by yourself.” – Unknown

Do you know that feeling?

You’re all by yourself in your car. You turn up the volume of the music and start rocking like the Stones, drumming away at your steering wheel. You sing with a passion and an intensity that you normally don’t show. You feel the love of the world, whisper the words of the song — you’re emotionally carried away and almost crying. Then the beat comes back around and you are singing, almost shouting, as loudly as you can.

You start laughing. It’s so good to let go, to be happy. You feel like the world is yours. Pure freedom!

But you probably didn’t know that singing in your car isn’t just fun — science shows clearly that it has many hidden benefits.

Singing in the Car Makes You Feel Happy and Free

My car is where I get creative. That’s where I can let go and let the feelings out. I try to find out how loudly I can sing, I start improvising, and I see how long I can hold a note before I’m out of breath. Nowhere can I let go as much as I do all by myself in my security box, my car. Nothing beats that feeling of freedom. And no matter how exhausted or frustrated I am, singing lifts my mood right away.

What exactly is it that makes us so happy and free while singing?

Well, you may not know that when you sing, your brain releases a hefty dose of endorphins into your system, which are your body’s feel-good neurotransmitters that lift you up and reduces your stress. Not only that, but you also get a nice dose of dopamine, another happy neurotransmitter that boosts your motivation and drive.

Essentially, singing gives you a natural high that makes you feel happy and good about yourself. No wonder singing in your car is so addictive!

And while you merrily sing away you breathe deeply, increase the oxygen level in your blood, reduce anxiety, and keep your brain active and vital by learning and remembering lyrics.

Do you see what I mean?

Singing is truly the easiest way to boost your happiness. Sing in your car or sing somewhere else. You always carry your voice with you, it’s free to sing, and you can start anytime.

Benefit Even Further by Taking Your Singing Outside Your Car

If you dare to sing outside of the comfy confines of your car, you can reap even more benefits.

I sing in a girls-only modern fun choir. We share our love for music, have performances, go on weekend workshops and competitions together, and have lots of fun.

Singing with others gives you a sense of belonging. If you’re feeling lonely, singing in a choir or a band not only gets you out of the house and meeting people, it makes you feel more connected with those people through song. It is pure joy to experience singing in harmony with all the voices around you.

And singing in front of a crowd is even more powerful. Every time you get in front of an audience and sing, it builds your social confidence. Because every time you get up there, you’re vulnerable yet you still have to get the courage to step up. Every time feels like an achievement, but the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

And you don’t have to be a great singer to do it. If you’re insecure about your voice, just hit a karaoke bar. There will be plenty of people there who can’t sing to save their lives. It’s all about having fun.

So Sing Your Heart Out and Reap the Rewards

Singing is the easiest way to boost your happiness. @simplyilka (Click to Tweet!)

It doesn’t matter if you think you are a great singer or not.

You should take advantage of the benefits of singing.

It not only boosts your happiness but it relaxes you, reduces stress, and motivates you.

Singing in a group is great because it increases your quality of life by giving you a feeling of belonging and importance. It is also a pleasure to experience singing in harmony with other voices around you.

But if that’s a step too far for you, just singing in your car — or in the shower, or anywhere private — is still great too, since it gives you that rush of endorphins and dopamine surging through your body.

What are you waiting for?

Sing a song, or just la-la.

Join a band or a choir.

Sing loudly while driving your car or while cooking a meal.

Sing whatever and wherever you want.

Most importantly, just sing!

Ilka Emig is a crazy, but lovable scientist, who’s on a mission to make science simple and fun for everyone. Join her quirky fun at http://simplyilka.com/welcome/ and follow her antics on Twitter.






Image courtesy of averie woodard.