To say “I love you because of WHO you are – e.g. a great spouse, a best friend, a good colleague” means nothing. When you see the “who,” you don’t see the truth, but an idol which you made with certain attributes that you have judged as worthy of your love. Other people, who lack these attributes that you assigned, thus seem to be unworthy of your love.

If this be true, then you’d be rendered worthless or unlovable according to how others think of you. Give thanks to God for your loveliness depends on Him, and not on us.

To say “I love you because of WHAT you are – a child of God” is to see the truth. When you see the “what” that rests in peace beyond the “who”, you see what God created holy, perfect, and worthy of your love.

The “who” means nothing, and it fluctuates according to your moods, perceptions and beliefs. The “what” is everything, and it remains forever love, forever loved, and stays forever truth.

Choose to see today the “what” in others, and it will be revealed in you as well. -Dr. Dragos (Click to Tweet!)

Dr. Dragos

Dr Dragos is the author of The Pursuit of Dreams: Claim Your Power, Follow Your Heart and Fulfill Your Destiny, published by Hay House.

Image courtesy of Kevin Delvecchio