If you are in a job you don’t like, or in a relationship that doesn’t really work, or you would like to have more money, the Law of Attraction is very appealing as a means to change your circumstances. You might have tried so and maybe even succeeded. But probably only for a while.

It might seem as if the Law of Attraction sometimes works miracles for you, but only for a specific duration of time. If that’s the case, you might have fallen in the biggest pitfall regarding the Law of Attraction.

For this article, I’m assuming you have a (basic) understanding and knowledge about the universe and everything consisting of energy.

We see a physical world, but in essence, that physical world is an illusion:

“[T]he atoms or elementary particles themselves are not real; they form a world of potentialities or possibilities rather than one of things or facts.”

Werner Heisenberg

We may experience separation in our physical realm, but, again, in essence, separation is also an illusion. On a quantum level particles can be separated and yet they behave the same (quantum entanglement). Separation, therefore, does not exist.

The difficult thing is, though, to truly understand that whatever happens on this quantum level has everything to do with your everyday life. And in my experience, that’s the most difficult thing. Because quantum particles may consist of almost nothing and also be entangled wherever they are, how does that relate to the job you have or the relationship you’re having?

This article aims to help you bridge that gap between the quantum level and your everyday life as well as help you avoid the biggest pitfall regarding the Law of Attraction.

Bridging the gap between the quantum level and your everyday life.

In a trivial sense, everything we see around us is a quantum phenomenon. Everything is ultimately made up of elementary particles. The phone or laptop you’re reading this with is made up of molecules all working by the quantum rules and all these molecules make up your laptop or phone.

These molecules and these particles all behave according to the quantum rules and are all entangled and connected with each other.

I’m not a scientist nor very knowledgeable in this area, but it has my fascination. Nothing is solid, everything consists mainly of nothing and everything is interconnected and all on the smallest scale and all being the basis for our everyday life.

If you’re struggling with certain areas in your life, understanding how the Law really works and where you might go “wrong” can be crucial in turning things around.

It’s not for nothing that we’ve called it the Law of Attraction as it is a Law and it works 24/7. So even now this Law is working for (or “against” you). Having an understanding that everything is made up of energy (EVERYTHING), so also your thoughts, intentions, moods, beliefs, is something to be very much aware of. We are using this Law 24/7, whether we’re conscious of it or not.

So, everything consists of energy and is connected to each other, how does this relate to your everyday life.

  1. Being aware of this knowledge is one thing. Trying to understand it while it’s not really your cup of tea is another. You don’t have to know the ins and outs of quantum mechanics/physics to understand the Law.
    Accepting for yourself that everything is energy including your thoughts, intentions, and beliefs is enough to take the next step. Understanding that everything you do, say, and think, even unconsciously, is energy is enough. You might not be conscious (yet) of everything you feel and think, but it’s still there. It’s also vibrating and connected to everything else and working with the Laws of the Universe, including the Law of Attraction.
  2. Even though you see your physical world day in and day out, don’t lose yourself in the trap that it’s the “real” world. It’s one aspect of the world that we are able to see, feel and interact with, but it’s not the ONLY or the REAL world.
    It’s the world we can experience with this human body. But this doesn’t mean it’s the ONLY thing nor the ultimate truth. Even though our world seems real and solid, keep in mind that it’s:

    • Only what we are able to see and experience with this body,
    • On the subatomic level, it’s all energy
    • It’s not the ultimate truth.
  3. Accept for yourself that there are hidden beliefs working within you that you are not aware of. These limiting beliefs are energy as well and are also working according to the Law of Attraction. They have an influence on you and your life. Accept this for yourself. There’s no need to blame yourself for anything. It’s just what it is.
    Knowing and accepting this opens the door to working with your limiting beliefs and clearing things up so there are less different frequencies emanating from your physical body.
  4. Keep repeating to yourself that the world is not what you think it is. It’s so much more as are you. Keep reminding yourself of this truth. Meditate on it. Contemplate on it. Make it into a mantra. But stay aware of the truth as mentioned in point two. The physical world is not the ultimate truth.

Integrating quantum nuggets of wisdom in our everyday life isn’t the easiest thing. But it can help you in getting your frequencies sorted as ultimately that is what we all are. Awareness of the significance of what we think, feel and do (even unconsciously) can be a major change maker as you will not take for granted your own behavior and you will be motivated to work with your limiting beliefs.

So, on to the next.

The biggest pitfall of the Law of Attraction and how to avoid it.

Knowing and acknowledging to yourself that everything is energy and is interconnected paves the way to understand the Law of Attraction.

“Where your attention goes, energy flows”

This means that what you do, say, think and believe is energy and it is connected to other energies of the same frequency. So you attract the same kind of people or circumstances in your life. This works 24/7 as you cannot stop emanating energy. Even when you’re thinking positively on a conscious level, if you haven’t resolved any limiting beliefs that are present unconsciously, they too are emanating energy. This will explain the discrepancies in your life.

I don’t mean to be harsh here, nor say it’s your fault or help you into the victimhood. Not at all. If you’re not aware of your limiting beliefs, you cannot work with them. If you’re not aware of your shadow side, you cannot work with it. But it’s still influencing your life one way or another.

I just want you to be aware of how powerful this law is and how powerful you are. You and the Law of Attraction are not separated. You are the same. You attract because you are.

Not having solved your limiting beliefs or not being aware of your shadow side, isn’t the biggest pitfall, though.

The biggest pitfall with the Law of Attraction is that we use this law to get more of something in our life. That’s how this Law is “marketed” in the (spiritual) world. But in that context is a paradox.

Because we cannot get what we already have.

Our relationship with the Law of Attraction is based on the objects, experiences, and people we want. We want to attract a different life for ourselves. We attach how we feel to things outside ourselves. Be that friends, a lover, money, material things.

We try to match our energy by focusing on positive thoughts or by gratitude of by thinking about that which we want to attract, in order to attract them to our lives.

We understand the Law of Attraction by trying to match our energy with that which we want to attract.

But by doing so we look at our outside world to determine how well we are doing. This often leads to a yo-yo effect of being rewarded (getting the things we wanted) and feeling the victim (if it doesn’t work or it goes away).

By looking at the Law of Attraction in this context, we put most of our needs outside of ourselves in scarce amounts which makes us experience lack, not having or being enough. It also enforces the idea that we’re good enough, if…..and when….

We believe that the things we want to attract will give us a certain feeling. And it’s never about the things, and always about our feelings. We want to feel loved, abundant, secure, safe and accepted. We believe that money, a lover, friends, a house, car(s) can give us those feelings. And here’s our mix-up.

We already have those feelings within us. Abundantly so. And it’s up to us to tap into them. We don’t need all those things to feel loved, secure, safe, and accepted.

Abundance is not something we acquire.
It is something we tune in to

Wayne Dyer

If you really understand this it feels as if at first you’re running late, and then you discover you have all the time in the world. Or you’re feeling lonely and you wake up next to your lover.

These examples use something outside of yourself but it’s the switch in feeling that is important. It’s not that those feelings go away when your lover goes away. It seems as if that’s the case, but if you close your eyes and imagine your lover with you, you have the same feelings again.

This is because those feelings are always available to us. No matter what situation we’re in.

So, again, we can never get what we already have. And we already have all the feelings we desire to have. We really don’t need anything to tap into those feelings.

So, how to feel amazing when your life is different than you desire?

The most important thing is to focus more on what you’re feeling on the inside than what you see on the outside.

This is because your outside reflects your inside (shadow, limiting beliefs) if your life is not what you desire it to be in all or some areas of your life. Therefore, and to live with the Law of Attraction, what you feel on the inside is what’s most important.

And you can feel however you want to feel as all your feelings all already available to you.

Now, this is easier said than done, therefore it’s a practice to start feeling like you want to feel regardless of your circumstances.

The practice I want to give to you today is the LIFT-practice by Derek Rydall. LIFT stands for Living In the Feeling Tone of your desired life.

If some areas of your life aren’t how you imagined them to be, you can start by visualizing or imagining how you want that particular area to be. See it. Feel it. Close your eyes and really sink into the imagined experience. Take your time and imagine as much as possible. It’s important to start feeling how you would feel if you would live that imagined life.

How do you feel? What do you do? How do you act? When you’re really into that visualization or imagination, allow yourself to really get into the feeling of it.

This is like a muscle getting stronger with practice. Allow yourself to practice and allow yourself to really feel what it’s like.

Now imagine yourself sealing in this feeling in your heart. Make a special place in your heart for this feeling and access this feeling as often as you can.

This is Living in the Feeling Tone of your desired life. This is feeling how you would feel if you had that desires life but then NOW. You are already feeling how you want to feel.

Now it’s not about getting something but you are already living how you want to live. You are already feeling how you want to feel.

You will be smiling and radiating from the inside regardless of your circumstances.

You cannot get what don’t already have.

The Law of Attraction isn’t a Law to use to get what you want so you will feel better. No, the Law of Attraction will give you what you are.

So, if you are in a job you don’t like, or in a relationship that doesn’t really work, or you would like to have more money, visualize and imagine how that would feel. Keep that feeling in your heart and access it as often as you can, expanding it through your whole body.

Now, trust me, you will feel amazing no matter how your life looks like.

And in the end, all we want is to feel good about ourselves. And that is always accessible to us. Anytime anywhere.

With love,


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