I can’t  help that getting stuck on a television show with the love of my life is not necessarily one of my goals.

I can’t help that I want to write my story at midnight, while I’m warming up my oven because its finally dinner time.

I can’t help that I live in my own world and it feels right.

I can’t help that I question everything.

I can’t help that I would rather cry all day digging inside of my soul…than sit and have small talk.

I can’t help that I CHOOSE to choose me.

I can’t help that happiness to me doesn’t necessarily mean certainty.

I can’t help that this is me…

I can’t help that I cannot accept the way humans are treated.

I can’t help but live a life where I am here for others.

I can’t help but believe that kindness is one of the most important things to give this world.

I can’t help but believe with my whole heart that we are all the same.

I can’t help but see the way things are…and just know there has got to be a better way.

I wish it was easier and that getting married, or finding the perfect career would be enough for me.

I just know there is more

There is soul to be found, love to be given, and hopefully change to be made within myself and others.

Maybe one day it will all happen, my prince or princess will come strolling down and I will just know, Love at first sight.

No offense to anyone, But come on, its been the same story since we were 14.

And no, I am not bitter…and believe me I have not lost hope.

That’s the so called “problem” I have. I have so much faith in the unknown and what I feel inside, That I am not afraid to jump into the unknown.

I am not afraid to not settle for so so…

We have so much magic inside, We have parts of us that will never be whole.

We are a part of such a bigger picture.

So, Yes, I am genuinely sorry that I cannot be everything for you.

I don’t even want to be everything for me…

I wanna be everything for this world…

I can’t live a way that may be easier…just because?

I can only live with purpose…If not what is the point.

I can’t help that this is me.


What I can do is love you.

What I can do is promise you that I am doing this for you, for me and for everyone.

I know that when we are true and authentic to ourselves, that’s what makes this world a better place…

I can promise you I am human…

I can promise you I have wings…

I can promise you I will never give up…

To everyone who feels in the middle because you can’t live the ‘world way’…I feel you.

I am just as odd as you, I still get lost and confused from time to time. I smile so big when those alignments happen. We are all here for you. We are hidden in the cracks of the world. We are the flowers that blossom after the rain knowing that it is inevitable that the storm will come again. But, That does not stop us from giving all our heart into each breath that is taken.

We can’t help that we can only live from our hearts…

We can’t help that this is who we are..

Em Garcia is a Hip Hop Artist and Writer. She is a growth seeker and believes kindness can change the world. She believes in everything and everyone. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.





Image courtesy of Priscilla Du Preez.