Have you heard the call to parts unknown? And have you dared to answer?

The call will lead you to strange lands beyond imagination. The landscape will grow more unfamiliar the further you travel, and you may wonder if you’ve lost your way. Remember then how unimaginable where you stand once was. Only yesterday, today was unknown too.

Look to the steps you took to get here and smile, knowing that so many discoveries wait for you in the uncertainty ahead.

Determination isn’t always rushing through boundaries and tearing down walls but holding on to trust that you’re going the right way. @ralph_leslie (Click to Tweet!)

Move lighter, lighter, lighter still and have faith that you are brave enough for this.

The call may draw you down the road that disappears over the horizon. Squinting into the sun and searching for a skyline, you may wonder how long until you arrive. Remember then that the journey is what called you here.

Ask what you were meant to see on the road from here to there. Embody the journey, wander, wonder, and trust that it’s safe to take your time. A voyager isn’t the one who arrives first but the one who evolves along the way.

Travel truer, truer, truer still and have faith that you are strong enough for this.

You may hear the call from above, drawing you upward to unknown heights. But as you look to the tops of trees and roofs and mountains, you may feel too small to begin. Remember then the acorn and what it’s destined to become. First one root, one shoot, then miraculously, the mighty oak emerges.

Find what grounds you and lean on that for support. Make your wholeness a priority even as you reach higher. The hero isn’t always the biggest but the most rooted in who they are.

Stand surer, surer, surer still and have faith that you are worthy enough for this.

The call can rise up in your throat, fervent and wild, building to a roar. It’s okay, unleash it. Ask the wind to carry your call, and let your unique voice vibrate the universe. And then remember the power in stillness.

Leave a quiet space and let the message you most need the world to hear echo back to you. Courage isn’t always the loudest but the truest expression of your heart.

Speak sincerely, sincerely, more sincerely still and have faith that you are wise enough for this.

When the call draws you inward to your unknown depths, and you fear what lies beneath the surface, breathe. Remember then the current that runs from the very core of existence through the very core of all of us. You are an expression of life itself.

Dip your bucket into the infinite space inside, slowly and with reverence. Bravery isn’t always doing the biggest or boldest thing but the most wholehearted.

Look deeper, deeper, deeper still and have faith that you are loving enough for this.

Along the way, as you answer the call, know that you will have questions.

You will wonder what if you do and what if you don’t, what does this mean, and what might they say.

Remember then that these are the questions of the ages. You are not the first to hear the call, nor will you be the last. You travel along an ancient path.

Search for the clues left by those who came before you. Look for the muddy footprints, the trinkets tied to branches, the breadcrumbs and the little stacks of stones. Take these as confirmation that you’re doing it now, in timid steps and triumphant leaps.

Then, turn your questions back to the call. What excites you? What brings you joy? What sets your spirit free?

Look to those things you’re certain of: The sun will rise in the east, spring will follow winter, the leaves will know when to leave and when to grow again, the morning chorus will greet you as birds claim their territory, and you can always find the gentle pull of what you love, soft though it may be.

And as you find your way, leave the clues behind that say to all who follow, “I was here. Now, here you are. Move onward, onward, onward still and have faith that you are enough for this.”

Leslie Ralph is a psychologist, writer, and artist who hopes to leave the world a little brighter than she found it.  Her people are creative, sensitive spirits who crave love and peace, inside and out. Leslie is the author of There, I Might Find Peace: Poetry and Prose, Mantras and Meditations for Peace, Love, and Strength. Download her free gift, a ritual for receiving, a daily ritual for bringing more love and light, clarity and confidence, meaning and connection to your life. You can follow Leslie on Facebook or Instagram.

Image courtesy of Pepe Reyes.