It was instant love… the moment her big blue crossed eyes met mine through the shelter cage, I felt our Souls connect.  It was like she was saying to me, “There you are!” I knew that this kitty named Mia was coming home with us.

It had been a couple of years since our 23 year old Tippy passed away. We’d been looking to adopt a new cat, but it never felt quite right. Then one day I felt an intuitive hunch to go to a specific shelter, and there she was. She had just been let out of isolation earlier that day after being sick for a month. It felt like kismet.



Now, I sometimes I look at her sweet face and I want to BE her!

She has qualities that I deeply admire — traits that come naturally to her that I’ve spent years learning to cultivate.

Such as…

She’s an easygoing extrovert.

Mia is at ease meeting new people and going into new environments. Everyone at the vet looks forward to her visits and dotes on her. They say, “Yay! It’s Mia!” She purrs so loudly during her exams that they have trouble hearing her heartbeat.

While I have overcome the paralyzing shyness I felt as a child, I don’t know if I will ever be that relaxed being examined by a doctor!

She knows what she wants and asks for it.

If Mia wants to snuggle, she’ll make herself right at home on your lap. If you’re late feeding her breakfast, she’ll employ a wide variety of antics to let you know. She can be quite vocal at meal time!

I’ve spent years learning to recognize what my true needs are and learning to communicate them clearly and easily. For me these are learned skills that I continue to practice. For Mia, it’s just part of who she is.

She’s comfortable taking up space.

When Mia is sleeping next to me, she has a way of expanding more and more into my space. Somehow I end up with a half a cushion on the couch, or nudged into the middle of the bed. If I need to, I’ll move her and she doesn’t seem to mind. Usually, I just smile and enjoy the closeness.

In my younger days, I never wanted to impose on anyone — to the point of making myself almost invisible. I’ve since learned to be more at home in my own skin, to take up space and shine. Mia is a wonderful reminder of what that looks like.

Mia makes it all look easy!  She’s the embodiment of casual confidence.

Not only does she inspire admiration — her presence fills me with pure joy! My gratitude journal contains so many everyday moments of savoring her sweetness — the soft snuggles, the purring positivity, and her adorable intensity as she stalks the red laser dot.



If you have a pet, you know what a source of comfort and joy they can be.

If you have a pet, you’ve felt unconditional acceptance.

If you have a pet, you’ve seen the subliminal messages they send you everyday…

You are loved.

Enjoy this moment.

We all deserve treats!

In the busyness of everyday life, it’s important to pause and appreciate their love, their wisdom and the gift of joy they bring!

I invite you to let the following questions spark a conversation below…

What do you admire about your pet(s)?

Do you ever wish you could be more like them?

How do they bring you joy?

Kim McIntyre is a Joyful Living Teacher and founder of Over the last 20 years Kim has taught thousands of people how to crack themselves up and feel like happy dancing! She teaches people how to bring more laughter and joy into their lives right now, so they aren’t waiting for some perfect future to savor the sweetness of life. Open to your authentic experience of joy with her free play-sheet: Rediscover Your Joyful Self with these 10 Powerful Questions. You can connect with Kim on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and in the Joyful Self-Care Facebook Group.


Image courtesy of Japheth Mast.