“How do you best engage people in a way that helps them change their behavior, accomplish great things and transform their lives?” During my career as a financial counselor, regional manager, trainer and leadership and performance coach, this was the question I passionately sought to answer. Along the road, I became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance, got an MBA and spent countless hours learning and researching. But, those things aren’t what taught me how to help people. It was the work, the care for others and the process of applying, succeeding, failing, reflecting and trying again. To say I became passionate in my pursuit of this answer would be an understatement – obsession might be more appropriate. Performance Ownership Edge (POE) is the result of this obsession. The POE mission is to provide high-power training and coaching to help leaders at every level drive innovation by taking ownership of their performance and creating Empowered Engagement cultures. Also, check me out on: LinkedIn Instagram