Born in India and trained as a computer programmer, Swati Desai came to Los Angeles in the early eighties as a graduate student at UCLA. She received her Ph.D. in Management from the Anderson School at UCLA and also worked and taught in the field of Computer Information Systems. In 1993, after years of dabbling in Jungian Psychology as a curious layman, she started working as a paraprofessional counselor. Within a year, she started her graduate work in Clinical Social Work and received her MSW from UCLA and eventually her LCSW license to practice in California.
As a mental wellness practitioner, Swati passionately combines her heritage in Eastern wisdom and her training in Western research-based analytical methods.  She uses her background and intense training in Vipasana (mindfulness) meditation practice to help people deal with trauma, anxiety, and difficult emotions. She conducts meditation workshops, holds meditation groups, and uses mindfulness philosophy in individual sessions to allow people to experience the power of mindfulness meditations in going through difficult periods in life. Recently she founded the App and Website 2meditate, for creating a global group of mindfulness meditators who can meditate together any time they want. Her dream is to allow meditators an easy access to meditation groups through global guided meditations, simultaneously encouraging universal and harmonious connections between people from different cultures. In order to know more about her work, please visit her website